Friday, 24 June 2011

Versace for H&M


First of all i wanna start by saying that i am finally done with my exams. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ! so i can now enjoy my summer ,even though the weather is a joke! NO MORE long nights awake revising and no more waking up extra early to be at the library from 9.30 ! FREEDOM !FREEDOM ! FREEDOM !
Okei, now that I'm done with expressing my exams-free feelings let's just move on...

OMG ! ! ! H&M has teamed up with Donatella Versace for a collection that will come out in Autumn 2011!!!

As you all know I'm Italian so when i heard that Donatella was going to do a collection for H&M i was super excited 1) because she is Italian!!!! 2) because Versace is a great brand and 3) because when i was younger my mum was always talking about Gianni Versace and was always reading books about him ! so basically i grew up knowing about the brand from a young age...

So, as you can tell i can't wait to put my hands on the collection !!!I'm just hoping that the prices will be reasonable, like the past collaborations H&M has been involved with...

P.S thanks for your lovely comments, i really appreciate it

that's it for now
keep smiling