Monday, 21 February 2011

Photography VS Fashion

jacket: Intenacionale
scarf and top : H&M
chino trousers: New Look
bag : Longchamp
shoes: Primark Look magazine
Look Magazine

Look Magazine
Look Magazine
Look magazine
Look Magazine

Look Magazine

Look Magazine

NEW Shoes

Docs (mine are the shiny ones )

Some of the clutches

half term is finally here ! it's weird how i waited for this week for so long and yet woke up at 8am this morning! i guess I'm used to waking up early for college.
my room is exploding with clothes and i think i need to buy a new wardrobe because i literally don't have any space left for my new bargains.
yesterday my sister begged me to go to Westend with her as she wanted to get some high waisted shorts from Beyond Retro and i wanted to get a turban. Although BR had amazing things as usual, we came out both empty handed, which was very disappointing. However, the sadness went on for just 5minutes as we still found things to buy in high street stores. When i came back from shopping my mum said "you need to stop buying clothes and shoes, there's no space in the house !"
i know there is no space, but I'm sorry shopping is a must in my life ! ahah !
PLANS for the week :
2) Overtime at work (more money =more shopping !)
3) Shopping
4) Family time

Friday, 18 February 2011

Does weave make you pretty?

Nicki Minaj

Jada Pinkett

Keri Hilson


Jennifer Hudson

Angela Simmons

So, I made a survey about weave the other day on BBM and i sent a broadcast to all my contacts to find out why black girls perm their hair and do weave on. They all agreed on one level and girls said :
"when i perm my hair it is easier to handle"
"my hair is picky and can't do much but get cornrows and cornrows ain't really for me anymore"
"if girls didn't do weave, boys wouldn't look at them at all"
"it makes my hair soft"

while some boys said :

"i supposed it is because they don't think they are pretty with their natural hair"
"i have no clue!"
"hmmm !"
"because they are not confident enough"

as you all possibly know black people's hair is different from Caucasians' hair as it is more frizzy and it does take longer to grow (that is the case if its permed frequently).
So are black people becoming influenced by the Western society's ideology that long hair is one of the main features of beauty ?
I mean is our perception of beauty changing or are we just being influenced by the media and the trends that celebrities are setting?
I personally think that i have been partially influenced by celebrities, i mean, i love Angela Simmons' long hair and i remember that i used to spend time staring at her while watching 'Run's House'. I started using weave at the age of fifteen and i recently spent £145 on Peruvian hair and although, i have been criticised a lot for my choice of spending that amount of money just for weave, I'm happy about my 22inch weave !
I once went to college with no weave and i did not feel pretty at all, i made sure that i wore the biggest hat you will probably see in the whole world and i told everyone not to even try to take it off me.
Does this mean that I'm relying on weave too much?
i don't know but the thought of me not coping without weave makes me feel a bit weird!
Girls! apparently 5 out of 17 boys i asked don't like weave because they say it doesn't look natural but then when you ask them 'who is the most attractive celebrity' they all say Lauren London, Ciara, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian etc ain't they contradicting themselves?
Remember: if weave makes you feel beautiful then go for it! I mean there is nothing better than something that you could easily access to that boosts your confidence and makes you feel a bit like a celebrity!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy VDay !

sorry for the quality of the pictures but my Blackberry Curve is trying its best ;)

So here it is for another year the 14th of February or so known as Valentine's day. this year again i haven't celebrated it with no one special (obviously meaning a boyfriend ) as I'm still single, however i still had a lot of fun with friends at college - i actually couldn't stop laughin today-
Some of you guys don't know the story behind this day -to be honest i just found out today when my friend Lizzy sent me a ping saying so-
Vday has originated from a Roman who was martyred and died on the 14/02 269 AD for refusing to give up Christianity. Some legends say that St. Valentine left a farewell note for the jailer's daughter, who had become his friend and signed it ' From your Valentine'.
For the past weeks shops have been decorated with hearts and 'love signs' but i was wondering is it just me or Valentines day has lost the meaning behind it and has just become more commercial ?
I mean, retailers compete with each other to attract customers for what each one of them claims to be "the best deal" and obviously increase prices on booze, chocolate and gifts but yes apparently they are still offering us the best deals.
Don't get me wrong i love Vday -even though i haven't celebrated my self since i was born- i love seeing all the little couples together as it creates gossip as well- i mean ain't that hilarious?- but i also believe that if you are in a relationship with someone you shouldn't just show love on the 14th of Feb but show it every day and by this i don't mean buying gifts on a daily but i mean those little gestures that would please the person you love.

stay tuned!

Sunday, 13 February 2011


Buying my own things without asking my mum for some financial help makes me really proud of myself and makes me feel a little independent.
This week is the second week of the month and i am already broke, however, as I'm quite good with saving money i managed to to get few things and all for under £50 !
Most of them were bought in Primark which is always underestimated as the quality of products is not always the best.
let me just tell you guys that Primark has now the same clothes as many high street shops and the prices are getting a bit higher which suggests that the quality is also being improved.
when i tell people that some of my clothes are from Primark they get shocked and normally say: "but where do you find them? because whenever i go to the shop all i see is chavy stuff"
...and my answer is always the same.. "you have to look around the whole store don't just limit yourself to the first section by the entrance, because it is never that flattering"

P.s : Primark has improved but don't buy all your clothes from there as it might become too obvious ...

Blouse : Primark

Over the knee socks : Primark

Espadrilles: Primark

Vintage shorts: New Look

Thursday, 10 February 2011

K Love

Since I've changed my middle name on facebook to 'Kardashian' lots of people have started calling me 'Linda Kardashian' which i think is soo funny, as i look nothing like them, but amazing at the same time because i love them. However, don't get me wrong i love my name and i wouldn't change it for nothing. I've seen all the episodes of ' Keeping up with the Karadashian' and ' Kourtney and Khloe take Miami' and now every Sunday at 10 pm i sit in front of the telly watching ' Kim and Kourtney take New york' and still I can't get enough ! They are just amazing...I'm not gonna lie their clothes are too !