Thursday, 3 February 2011

Georgia Jagger and her gap teeth

I have not updated my blog for few days, it is purely because I have been quite busy lately, so I'm gonna apologise for that.
Today has been a very busy and tiring day and in fact i just got back from work as i did some overtime. (more money woop woop !)
While i was all comfy on the sofa watching TV, i came across with the Rimmel advert the one with Georgia Jagger, you might know her as the model with weird teeth or as the daughter of Mick Jagger who is the Rolling Stones singer.
When i watched the Adv for the first time i thought " Oh Wow are teeth are just...awkward ! " . Now thinking about it those weird teeth have brought her fame, money and opportunities ! how? well i mean, nowadays the fashion industry is looking for edgy, unique, 'weird looking' models (I learned that from Tyra.. ANTM fan baby ) and Georgia represents all that.
At only 17 years old, she was signed to Elite Model management, was signed for Rimmel in 2010,posed for Versace, Chanel and has, also, appeared on the front cover of Vogue magazine. She has been nominated the new best British model and YES ! she's still a teenager!
Her looks challenge the typical 'pretty pretty' model and could set an example for those young people that aspire to be models but are not confident enough or feel they are not good enough for the industry.
I personally think that she's beautiful and that looking different from others shouldn't be seen as a negative thing but should be embraced, just like Georgia did !
..and for those who think she's UGLY, you need to find something else to do, simples !

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