Saturday, 29 January 2011

SHOES' Lover (PART 1)

River Island £ 74.99
H&M £14.99

Select 21.99 - (£17.99 Student Discount )

Intenacionale £29.00

Vintage and Charity Shops

On Thursday I had my last exam before all those that will obviously take place in June, so on Friday I decided to take a day off from education and browse around for some new clothes. Because of the freezing cold i decided to stay a bit local, therefore i visited those infamous charity shops that my friend Ruwaydah has been talking about for a while. I've always liked Vintage but I must say that i have mostly relied either on those 'Vintage collections' that high street stores do or on my mum's old clothes. Going to charity shops was definitely a new thing for me

So I was in South London and I decided to go to 'Army Salvation', they had so many wearable items in very good conditions.

I ended up getting a bag, a brown denim shirt, a white cardigan and a blazer all for a little over £10 !!!

I mean really !

Sunday there will be another trip to a Vintage shop, this time it will be Beyond Retro

cardigan £2.00

Blazer £3.00

Denim shirt £2.00

Bag 3.49

Sunday, 2 January 2011


H&M vest £10.00
H&M mobile case £3.99

Primark faux fur coat £29.99

Primark large clutch £3.00

New Look chino trousers £24.99