Wednesday, 16 November 2011

15 minutes


It's nearly 1:00am , 'We found Love' by Rihanna has been on reply for a couple of hours and I'm wild awake doing Uni work.. ahhhhh! I'm sooo stressed out!
I'm half way through but, as i get one of the tasks done, i find out some more information and i have to go back to rephrase or even re do something!

I've been at home for the whole day today. I'm always indoors on Wednesdays and i love it because i just hang around this massive house in Kent in my Pyjamas.
I'm a lazy girl, if you hadn't noticed :)

Anyway, I'm on my 15 minutes break- hence the title of this post- ( i always give myself breaks when doing work for a quick fag and a cup of green tea) so i thought " why not upload something on my blog" and yes i have done it..
The pictures below were taken with my Macbook because i left my camera in London last week (I'm not vain, but i love taking pictures, even though I'm not photogenic. Ahaha !)
Bye for now.

Keep smiling

Jacket: H&M
Shorts: New Look
Vest: Primark

Monday, 7 November 2011

Life update

Hey everyone!
I'm so ashamed for not updating my blog for so long..
WELL WELL WELL I'm finally 20 and I'm at Uni ,as well, studying Fashion Promotion!
I moved out from London to Kent, although I'm in London every weekend for work and a bit of shopping here and then.
I really enjoy the course, I'm learning so much everyday... Even though, it is already stressful.
I got my results from my first project today and I've passed with a C grade.. I KNOW I KNOW i can do better than that but I'm still happy!
Now, I have to focus on my second project and there's so much to do ! It is about investigating and finding different meanings of a certain word. I chose the word 'UGLY' because there's so much to talk about as certain things that are in fashion could be seen as ugly by the society in a normal, everyday context ! How interesting is that? TOO EXCITING!

Anyway, this post was to let you know that I am still alive ! I will update, you guys, more often as soon as I can and i will also post some pictures as soon as i find the USB for my camera.. my room is so messy, i can't find anything around here.

P.S I finally bought my Macbook Pro in September.. it's Amazing !

Styled image inspired by Balmain
part of my last project
Keep smiling

Friday, 22 July 2011

Limited budget

Jacket :H&M
T-shirt: H&M
Turban: Miss Selfridges
Earrings :Miss Selfridges
Hey Bloggers!
long time ayee! Well, not really but I've been working crazy hours lately.
On Sunday i did a 5pm to 5am shift and i still haven't recovered yet, but hey! i'll survive.
So, h&m has delivered their autumn catalogue on Tuesday and i must say I really like the collection!!!! IT'S DOPE!! there are many things that i want to purchase and as usual i haven't wasted time. In fact, I've already gone shopping on Wednesday. However, my budget is really limited, as i am saving for a Mac notebook and you must know that they are pretty expensive. Saving is definitely not my forte but i'm nearly there, i can't keep on limiting myself! it's annoying!!
Anyway, what have you guys been up to? i would ask my English readers if you are enjoying summer but you know the weather isn't saying a lot (we had summer for 5 days this year D_E_P_R_E_S_S_I_N_G !! ) but if you come from another country, how's summer going??

Keep smiling,
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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Friday, 15 July 2011


HEY everyone !
I just got in from a 8 hour shift ! that was damn tiring but never mind, i got paid today so I'm still smiling...
While i was sitting with the rest of the family at the table having dinner, i spotted a package, which no one told me about when i walked in my house, so i assumed it was my Topshop delivery ! YAYYYYYYYYY !
Here they are... don't you think they are gorgeous ?? i can't stop staring at them- LOOL I'm sooooo Extra!-I missed out on them the first time they were available to order but i did not give up !! I mean they were only £28 and they've got studs!!!! PERFECTION !!!

What do you guys think?

Keep smiling
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Tuesday, 12 July 2011


New entry!

work in progress...


Literally, i have been trying to update my blog for the past two weeks...first my laptop was not working and then my camera started to act dodgy! anyways here i am again, and as i'm writing this i'm praying that this time this will get posted.
i have been working mad hours and hopefully by the end of summer i will be able to get a mac notebook AHHHHHHHHHHH! i am so excited...besides that, my mum has been shouting at me asking me to sort out my shoes (just the ones in my room, didn't even bother with the ones in the shoes' room), well i FINALLY have, even though my room still looks trash..but hey i'll sort it out one day...i have so many shoes, it is a joke and it's funny how i only wear the same 10 pairs..
talking about shoes i just ordered a pair of studded flats from Topshop, which were only £28 ..BARGAIN!!!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Versace for H&M


First of all i wanna start by saying that i am finally done with my exams. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ! so i can now enjoy my summer ,even though the weather is a joke! NO MORE long nights awake revising and no more waking up extra early to be at the library from 9.30 ! FREEDOM !FREEDOM ! FREEDOM !
Okei, now that I'm done with expressing my exams-free feelings let's just move on...

OMG ! ! ! H&M has teamed up with Donatella Versace for a collection that will come out in Autumn 2011!!!

As you all know I'm Italian so when i heard that Donatella was going to do a collection for H&M i was super excited 1) because she is Italian!!!! 2) because Versace is a great brand and 3) because when i was younger my mum was always talking about Gianni Versace and was always reading books about him ! so basically i grew up knowing about the brand from a young age...

So, as you can tell i can't wait to put my hands on the collection !!!I'm just hoping that the prices will be reasonable, like the past collaborations H&M has been involved with...

P.S thanks for your lovely comments, i really appreciate it

that's it for now
keep smiling

Thursday, 26 May 2011

The not so..Love hair Megasale

Hello bloggers,
I was meant to post this ages ago but i got caught up with my first exam, which was on Wednesday.
Last week Saturday there was the 'LOVE HAIR MEGASALE' which i thought no one knew about and to be honest was kept on a low, - I was trying not to mention it to too many people-. Well, basically they were selling Brazilian, Peruvian and Indian hair half price.
So, i got really excited swapped my shift and worked from 9am to 1pm, got changed and made my way to East London straight away.
On the tube a girl approached us and asked us if we were going to 'the Hub' which is exactly where we ( my sister and my friend Nmah ) were going. I'm still asking myself "How did she know we were going there?".But, she was really sweet and funny.
Anyways to cut the story short, we got there and there were so many girls. it was a total madness WHY? well, they advertised it on facebook, therefore everyone in London knew about it.
As were walking towards the building a random girl said "if you don't have a ticket forget it, you ain't going nowhere"
We got our tickets, anyways AH! too bad mine was number 393. However, we were lucky because Nmah's friend (Dammy) got there before us and she had number 188...but the queue was going really slowly!!!
P.s the girl that had number 2 was there from 4am and they opened the gates at 2pm !!!!!!!

So we decided to go to eat something -it was a KFC salad for me, i am still on a diet !!!-. Then we headed back to 'The Hub'.
We waited and waited and waited and finally they called numbers from 180 to 190 , so she goes in and guess what?


Basically we waited for no was 7pm and we had been there from 2.30pm!!!! we were so upset but we decided to go on a shopping trip to Westfield where i bought a bunch of things from H&M and a pair of grey Toms !! i'll include the picture in the next post...
Well at least we didn't go home empty handed !

That's it for now

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Keep smiling xx

Friday, 20 May 2011

Super bass

Hey there!
by the way the title of this post is a bit random, just wanted to state Nicki Minaj's new song, i love the videoooo !

i haven't blogged in a while and it's irrelevant to say that i have been revising, because that is my number one excuse but i seriously do revise a lot !

Anyways , exams are finally coming up and it's got to the point where i really want to just sit those exams to enjoy my LONGGGGGGG summer! (20th June- 26th Sept) and to get out of my college.

What have i been up to lately?
Well, I'm currently on a diet and I'm hoping to loose all the extra fat before the end of summer, so I'm killing myself at the gym, well not literally but you know what i mean !
On Wednesday i went to a 45 minutes spinning class for the first time and i can guarantee that i never sweated that much in my whole life! additionally i couldn't sit down properly for the following two days because those bikes were so UNCOMFORTABLE ! I'm fine now!

However, I managed to sit down by a computer to order a pair of wedges from Urban Outfitters, I don't know why they charge £4.99 for delivery ! Fair enough, I ordered the shoes on Wednesday and they were delivered by Friday, but £4.99 is a lot of money when you are broke!
Also got some make up and nail polish ! woop woop !
the lipsticks are Sleek, which is what i call cheap Mac, but they had a great 2 for 5.99 deal at superdrugs , so i thought "well, why not??"

By the way, I'm finally using twitter for real ( i signed up in 2009 and used it like twice, but I'm getting addicted now ) , so if you wanna talk , follow me @LindaOkachi

That's it for now ! I'm off for a cup of green tea and then bed, i have a 9 am- 1pm shift waiting for me tomorrow

Keep smiling xx

Sunday, 8 May 2011


Shirt : Charity Shop
Chinos: New Look
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Lonchamp

Hello Bloggers !
I'm just gonna answer some questions about myself, if you have more feel free to e-mail me at

How old are you? I'm 19 (was born in 1991) but everyone thinks i am older for some reason! I always get offended because i think that people think i am OLD ! i always feel like saying hey ! I'm still a teenager

What is your cultural background? I was born in England but i was raised in Italy and my parents are Nigerian... yes my first language is Italian

Any brothers or sisters ? My sister is 17 and my brother is 23 in two weeks

Do you have a boyfriend? No, not at the moment

Are you religious? Yes, strictly Catholic

Any tattoos or piercings ? I have a tattoo on my right wrist and it says "RIP Daddy 1958-2001"

What do you study? A2 in Media studies, English Lit, Sociology and Psychology Bold

Fav subject? Sociology even though, it gives me hard times !!

What do you want to be in the future? I'd love to become a fashion journalist

Where do you get the money to buy the clothes? I have a part-time job

Fav shop? H&M

Best things in your wardrobe? Doc M, Louis Vuitton handbag ( never use it cause it's tiny but i love it ), wedges and chinos !!

Best blogs? I like so many but i would say "The Vogue Diaries ", "The Blondesalad" "Handful of Fashion", "London's closet", "Follow me in 5 inch heels ", " J Noir", "Ring my Bell", "Snow Black" , "Dolly Scrapbook"

Fashion inspirations? Angela Simmons, Kourtney Kardashian, Nicole Richie

Things you can't live without?My family, blackberry, cigarettes, clothes, make up and WEAVE !

What make up do you use? I apply two foundations, MAC and Maybelline Dream Mousse, pink or red MAC lipstick, any mascara ( i don't mind the brand as long as it makes my lashes longer)

Fav Music Artists? Pixie Lott, Jessie J, Sara Bareilles, Laura Pausini, Tiziano Ferro

That's it for now!
Keep smiling