Wednesday, 16 November 2011

15 minutes


It's nearly 1:00am , 'We found Love' by Rihanna has been on reply for a couple of hours and I'm wild awake doing Uni work.. ahhhhh! I'm sooo stressed out!
I'm half way through but, as i get one of the tasks done, i find out some more information and i have to go back to rephrase or even re do something!

I've been at home for the whole day today. I'm always indoors on Wednesdays and i love it because i just hang around this massive house in Kent in my Pyjamas.
I'm a lazy girl, if you hadn't noticed :)

Anyway, I'm on my 15 minutes break- hence the title of this post- ( i always give myself breaks when doing work for a quick fag and a cup of green tea) so i thought " why not upload something on my blog" and yes i have done it..
The pictures below were taken with my Macbook because i left my camera in London last week (I'm not vain, but i love taking pictures, even though I'm not photogenic. Ahaha !)
Bye for now.

Keep smiling

Jacket: H&M
Shorts: New Look
Vest: Primark


  1. love the jacket and lippy.

  2. I really like the colours on the jacket, and even contemplated buying it myself. You've just convinced me to get it.
    Strut Mode