Monday, 7 November 2011

Life update

Hey everyone!
I'm so ashamed for not updating my blog for so long..
WELL WELL WELL I'm finally 20 and I'm at Uni ,as well, studying Fashion Promotion!
I moved out from London to Kent, although I'm in London every weekend for work and a bit of shopping here and then.
I really enjoy the course, I'm learning so much everyday... Even though, it is already stressful.
I got my results from my first project today and I've passed with a C grade.. I KNOW I KNOW i can do better than that but I'm still happy!
Now, I have to focus on my second project and there's so much to do ! It is about investigating and finding different meanings of a certain word. I chose the word 'UGLY' because there's so much to talk about as certain things that are in fashion could be seen as ugly by the society in a normal, everyday context ! How interesting is that? TOO EXCITING!

Anyway, this post was to let you know that I am still alive ! I will update, you guys, more often as soon as I can and i will also post some pictures as soon as i find the USB for my camera.. my room is so messy, i can't find anything around here.

P.S I finally bought my Macbook Pro in September.. it's Amazing !

Styled image inspired by Balmain
part of my last project
Keep smiling


  1. Keep going, some people think that fashion is so easy and a cop out, but it sooo isn't and I want to punch people when they say that lol.Back to uni work...x

  2. Thanks honey,
    *back to doing my mood boards*