Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Clothes whore !

Blazer- Charity shop
Shirt -Primark
Shoes- New Look
Nail Polish- Primark

Easter is getting closer, yeah ! that means two weeks off college and then study leave-yuppy yay-, but it means that exams are coming up too!

To be honest I am not really worried as I will be doing only 4 exams compare to others that are doing like 8/9 ! Ohhh Goshh !

what is worrying me at the moment is my media studies coursework that is due on Monday ! Now, this is really stressful !!! why?? well, i have to write 2000 words on the silly topic that my teacher gave me which is Cannabis, okei fair enough we all know that cannabis is illegal etc etc but what else is there to talk about ! arghhh ! and why does my teacher assume that i will know about it just because i live in South London !

On top of that, I have to produce a magazine, which means i'll have to use photoshop AKA the most annoying and complicated software !

Anyway i just need to put more energy into it because i know i can do it- i just wanted to complain about it .. LOL-

although 'i am stressed' i managed to buy some hot bargains as you can see...

and my friend has also taken some measurements for the dress she's making me so you'll soon see that too !

P.S : So, remember in the last post i was saying that i had too many clothes?

Well, i found a solution !!! no no ! don't worry I'm not talking about stop shopping forever...

just bought a double rail et voila' !

Keep smiling


Saturday, 19 March 2011

I have a shopping problem ! HELP

( I know i'm a messy person )

Well, Well, Well !I have a shopping problem !

I have so many clothes but still nothing to wear, if you know what i mean...
I currently have 3 wardrobes full of clothes and still no place to put all of them away, as some are hanged on my wardrobe and some others are just there sitting on my chair.

I haven't shopped for a week-what a great accomplishment, right !- but i have put my eyes on so many things I'd love to get once my exams are over (I promised my friends and teacher I'll try to stop shopping for a while )

Sorry Guys, i know I've been absent for a while but I've been getting my results which were really good ! ( I'm getting closer and closer to University), seeing my GP- I'm getting problem !- and obviously i have been revising, courseworking as well as working.

These are some of the things i need to get ASAP !

Yellow flossy flossy elastic pump yellow canvas- Office- ( my sister said that they are hideous but hey ! i like them )

Casio Gold Retro watch -Asos,Ebay,Topshop-

Wet look leggings -Topshop- (I've fallen in love with them again)

Print playsuit- H&M

P.s : My friend is going to make me a dress or jumpsuit or playsuit -I haven't made up my mind yet- with African fabric..i'll keep you updated, No worries !

Enjoy your weekend and keep smiling

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

who's that chick ? -Pixie Lott

OhMyGosh !
Pixie Lott is definitely one of my favourite English artists!
She was born in 1991 -also know as the year when the greatests were born- okei fair enough i was born in the same year, now isn't that exciting and inspiring ?
In 2009 she released her debut single 'Mama do' and Yess! that single made me fall in love with her songs, seriously though, i actually love all the songs she's written and performed !!
Broken arrow, gravity, boys and girls, can't make this over, Cry me out, catching snowflakes, coming home !! -yess ! i know i seem quite obsessed !-
I have downloaded her album 'Turn it up' from Itunes and i almost know the lyrics to all the songs!- that special time in the shower playing my i-pod on loud speaker has paid off ! :) -
Although, i do not know her personally she seems really down to earth , why? Well, she smiles to the paparazzi all the time, goes in public with no make and it is not a big deal for her, signs autographs for her fans all the time and does not over spend or doesn't show off like most celebrities do !
However, lets not get carried away too much, HER STYLE is affordable and trendy- just what i like ! - as she shops mainly in Topshop, River Island ( yesss guys !!! high street) but also owns clothes from Charity and Vintage shops !
One more thing before i go back to my lesson -I'm in college and I'm supposed to finish my media coursework !OPSS- go on youtube and listen to her songs ! she's amazing and her songs have meanings behind them, she's not just singing crap, I'm sure you can relate to some of the lyrics too- cause i definitely can !
Have a nice day and keep smiling !

Sunday, 13 March 2011


it's the time of the year when the sun is starting to get warmer (it is not really the case, this year) and flowers are blossoming ... IT'S SPRING!!!

This spring, as you guys must certainly know its all about bright colours, yes guys black is out, this season ! okei, not completely but you know what i mean, right !

well, if you don't, i meant that the whole 'all blacked out 'outfit is not really doing it this season!

I definitely need a few more bright colours tops, i was thinking of getting a yellow top from H&M today but i promised everyone i was not gonna shop until my exams are over !- I'm talking about June here ! i think i won't make it, but let's at least try.

However, i treated myself to some new chinos last week, they are bright orange and i LOVE them ! - they are so bright to the point that people stare at me when i wear them and walk down the road, but hey! i like attention, when it comes to my clothes , LOOOL-

Find below a quick sneak peek of my new chinos , no worries i will include better pictures in another post later on :)
(P.s sorry for the quality of the pictures, they were taken by my blackberry )

Today's look


(Me and my younger sister Aleruchi )

Chinos: New Look

Belt: Primark

Top: H&M

Jacket: Primark


Shoes: Espadrilles

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Balenciaga Love

I can't remember the exact time and day i saw a Balenciaga for the first time, however, i think they are beautiful,

just the sort of handbag that is needed in my wardrobe !

i need one sooo badly so if you are thinking of buying me a present well *cough cough*

just joking ! but yeah I'm gonna save up for a blue one.. and ,maybe, by next year i will be able to purchase it !

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Gillian Zinser- I think i love you !-

I am definitely a 90210-addict ! i have already watched most of the new episodes on the Internet and the more i watch it, the more i love it-i just can't get enough !-

The storyline is great, but how about the actors and their style.
IS EVERYONE THAT HOT IN BEVERLY HILLS? AND DO THEY ALL HAVE CARS, MONEY AND AMAZING CLOTHES, BAGS AND SHOES? Well, it is difficult not to believe so, if they are represented that way in every episode!!

Now, let's focus on one of my fav actresses on the show! as the title of this post suggests its Gillian Zinser, also known as Ivy/ Dixon's ex girlfriend

Gillian's style is simple and minimalistic and guess what "less is the best"!
She has that special power of combining casual, cheap clothes and make them look AMAZING and EXPENSIVE!
After all, i'm a fan of the whole vintage shorts + vintage t-shirt look, which i think, is an easy way to make a fashion statement and most important of all to be comfortable on a day out with friends !
Have a great day guys and stay tuned !

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Who's that chick ? -Leomie Anderson

If you wonder why i have disappeared for a while, it is only because i had technical problems (my 'delete' bottom was not working and i got so fed up with my laptop that i left it sitting there on my table for few days) but no worries i am back for good !
Has anyone seen Model Agency last Wednesday?
Well if you haven't there are other episodes coming up every Wednesday at 10 pm on Channel 4 for another five weeks.
The documentary follows the ups and downs of Premier Model Management and also gives us a less glamorous taste of fashion. -it's definitely not only about free clothes, goody bags and fashion shows !-
Leomie Anderson (she is in the documentary ) is signed to Premier Model Management in London as well as Elite Agency in New York, she is a young girl from London and has already walked the runway for many famous designers such as Marc Jacobs and has also appeared in Marie Claire in the December 2010 issue.
As a young black model she is definitely a positive role, as her career challenges the stereotypes of black girls from London who are often seen as "teen mums".
She can also be seen as inspiring as she is a "typical" teenager when it comes to her lifestyle in some aspects -by this i mean that she attends a local Sixth Form and she is too, dealing with UCAS and University offers .-
She's definitely gorgeous but as a black model she has to work twice as hard in this industry that is still a bit ethnocentric.
Watch out guys! there is a new girl in Town !