Saturday, 19 March 2011

I have a shopping problem ! HELP

( I know i'm a messy person )

Well, Well, Well !I have a shopping problem !

I have so many clothes but still nothing to wear, if you know what i mean...
I currently have 3 wardrobes full of clothes and still no place to put all of them away, as some are hanged on my wardrobe and some others are just there sitting on my chair.

I haven't shopped for a week-what a great accomplishment, right !- but i have put my eyes on so many things I'd love to get once my exams are over (I promised my friends and teacher I'll try to stop shopping for a while )

Sorry Guys, i know I've been absent for a while but I've been getting my results which were really good ! ( I'm getting closer and closer to University), seeing my GP- I'm getting problem !- and obviously i have been revising, courseworking as well as working.

These are some of the things i need to get ASAP !

Yellow flossy flossy elastic pump yellow canvas- Office- ( my sister said that they are hideous but hey ! i like them )

Casio Gold Retro watch -Asos,Ebay,Topshop-

Wet look leggings -Topshop- (I've fallen in love with them again)

Print playsuit- H&M

P.s : My friend is going to make me a dress or jumpsuit or playsuit -I haven't made up my mind yet- with African fabric..i'll keep you updated, No worries !

Enjoy your weekend and keep smiling

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  1. No it's from Topshop ! ;-) Thanks for the comment