Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Clothes whore !

Blazer- Charity shop
Shirt -Primark
Shoes- New Look
Nail Polish- Primark

Easter is getting closer, yeah ! that means two weeks off college and then study leave-yuppy yay-, but it means that exams are coming up too!

To be honest I am not really worried as I will be doing only 4 exams compare to others that are doing like 8/9 ! Ohhh Goshh !

what is worrying me at the moment is my media studies coursework that is due on Monday ! Now, this is really stressful !!! why?? well, i have to write 2000 words on the silly topic that my teacher gave me which is Cannabis, okei fair enough we all know that cannabis is illegal etc etc but what else is there to talk about ! arghhh ! and why does my teacher assume that i will know about it just because i live in South London !

On top of that, I have to produce a magazine, which means i'll have to use photoshop AKA the most annoying and complicated software !

Anyway i just need to put more energy into it because i know i can do it- i just wanted to complain about it .. LOL-

although 'i am stressed' i managed to buy some hot bargains as you can see...

and my friend has also taken some measurements for the dress she's making me so you'll soon see that too !

P.S : So, remember in the last post i was saying that i had too many clothes?

Well, i found a solution !!! no no ! don't worry I'm not talking about stop shopping forever...

just bought a double rail et voila' !

Keep smiling


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