Tuesday, 15 March 2011

who's that chick ? -Pixie Lott

OhMyGosh !
Pixie Lott is definitely one of my favourite English artists!
She was born in 1991 -also know as the year when the greatests were born- okei fair enough i was born in the same year, now isn't that exciting and inspiring ?
In 2009 she released her debut single 'Mama do' and Yess! that single made me fall in love with her songs, seriously though, i actually love all the songs she's written and performed !!
Broken arrow, gravity, boys and girls, can't make this over, Cry me out, catching snowflakes, coming home !! -yess ! i know i seem quite obsessed !-
I have downloaded her album 'Turn it up' from Itunes and i almost know the lyrics to all the songs!- that special time in the shower playing my i-pod on loud speaker has paid off ! :) -
Although, i do not know her personally she seems really down to earth , why? Well, she smiles to the paparazzi all the time, goes in public with no make and it is not a big deal for her, signs autographs for her fans all the time and does not over spend or doesn't show off like most celebrities do !
However, lets not get carried away too much, HER STYLE is affordable and trendy- just what i like ! - as she shops mainly in Topshop, River Island ( yesss guys !!! high street) but also owns clothes from Charity and Vintage shops !
One more thing before i go back to my lesson -I'm in college and I'm supposed to finish my media coursework !OPSS- go on youtube and listen to her songs ! she's amazing and her songs have meanings behind them, she's not just singing crap, I'm sure you can relate to some of the lyrics too- cause i definitely can !
Have a nice day and keep smiling !

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