Sunday, 13 March 2011


it's the time of the year when the sun is starting to get warmer (it is not really the case, this year) and flowers are blossoming ... IT'S SPRING!!!

This spring, as you guys must certainly know its all about bright colours, yes guys black is out, this season ! okei, not completely but you know what i mean, right !

well, if you don't, i meant that the whole 'all blacked out 'outfit is not really doing it this season!

I definitely need a few more bright colours tops, i was thinking of getting a yellow top from H&M today but i promised everyone i was not gonna shop until my exams are over !- I'm talking about June here ! i think i won't make it, but let's at least try.

However, i treated myself to some new chinos last week, they are bright orange and i LOVE them ! - they are so bright to the point that people stare at me when i wear them and walk down the road, but hey! i like attention, when it comes to my clothes , LOOOL-

Find below a quick sneak peek of my new chinos , no worries i will include better pictures in another post later on :)
(P.s sorry for the quality of the pictures, they were taken by my blackberry )


  1. always loved colour im also loving the trend!

    are those the hm chinos! i was gnna by them yday..they look good on you :)
    x x

  2. thank you honey,yesss ! they are from h&m (got them for £9.99 but i think the price is gone up to £12.99 )
    get them you'll love them :)