Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Who's that chick ? -Leomie Anderson

If you wonder why i have disappeared for a while, it is only because i had technical problems (my 'delete' bottom was not working and i got so fed up with my laptop that i left it sitting there on my table for few days) but no worries i am back for good !
Has anyone seen Model Agency last Wednesday?
Well if you haven't there are other episodes coming up every Wednesday at 10 pm on Channel 4 for another five weeks.
The documentary follows the ups and downs of Premier Model Management and also gives us a less glamorous taste of fashion. -it's definitely not only about free clothes, goody bags and fashion shows !-
Leomie Anderson (she is in the documentary ) is signed to Premier Model Management in London as well as Elite Agency in New York, she is a young girl from London and has already walked the runway for many famous designers such as Marc Jacobs and has also appeared in Marie Claire in the December 2010 issue.
As a young black model she is definitely a positive role, as her career challenges the stereotypes of black girls from London who are often seen as "teen mums".
She can also be seen as inspiring as she is a "typical" teenager when it comes to her lifestyle in some aspects -by this i mean that she attends a local Sixth Form and she is too, dealing with UCAS and University offers .-
She's definitely gorgeous but as a black model she has to work twice as hard in this industry that is still a bit ethnocentric.
Watch out guys! there is a new girl in Town !

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