Friday, 20 May 2011

Super bass

Hey there!
by the way the title of this post is a bit random, just wanted to state Nicki Minaj's new song, i love the videoooo !

i haven't blogged in a while and it's irrelevant to say that i have been revising, because that is my number one excuse but i seriously do revise a lot !

Anyways , exams are finally coming up and it's got to the point where i really want to just sit those exams to enjoy my LONGGGGGGG summer! (20th June- 26th Sept) and to get out of my college.

What have i been up to lately?
Well, I'm currently on a diet and I'm hoping to loose all the extra fat before the end of summer, so I'm killing myself at the gym, well not literally but you know what i mean !
On Wednesday i went to a 45 minutes spinning class for the first time and i can guarantee that i never sweated that much in my whole life! additionally i couldn't sit down properly for the following two days because those bikes were so UNCOMFORTABLE ! I'm fine now!

However, I managed to sit down by a computer to order a pair of wedges from Urban Outfitters, I don't know why they charge £4.99 for delivery ! Fair enough, I ordered the shoes on Wednesday and they were delivered by Friday, but £4.99 is a lot of money when you are broke!
Also got some make up and nail polish ! woop woop !
the lipsticks are Sleek, which is what i call cheap Mac, but they had a great 2 for 5.99 deal at superdrugs , so i thought "well, why not??"

By the way, I'm finally using twitter for real ( i signed up in 2009 and used it like twice, but I'm getting addicted now ) , so if you wanna talk , follow me @LindaOkachi

That's it for now ! I'm off for a cup of green tea and then bed, i have a 9 am- 1pm shift waiting for me tomorrow

Keep smiling xx

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