Thursday, 26 May 2011

The not so..Love hair Megasale

Hello bloggers,
I was meant to post this ages ago but i got caught up with my first exam, which was on Wednesday.
Last week Saturday there was the 'LOVE HAIR MEGASALE' which i thought no one knew about and to be honest was kept on a low, - I was trying not to mention it to too many people-. Well, basically they were selling Brazilian, Peruvian and Indian hair half price.
So, i got really excited swapped my shift and worked from 9am to 1pm, got changed and made my way to East London straight away.
On the tube a girl approached us and asked us if we were going to 'the Hub' which is exactly where we ( my sister and my friend Nmah ) were going. I'm still asking myself "How did she know we were going there?".But, she was really sweet and funny.
Anyways to cut the story short, we got there and there were so many girls. it was a total madness WHY? well, they advertised it on facebook, therefore everyone in London knew about it.
As were walking towards the building a random girl said "if you don't have a ticket forget it, you ain't going nowhere"
We got our tickets, anyways AH! too bad mine was number 393. However, we were lucky because Nmah's friend (Dammy) got there before us and she had number 188...but the queue was going really slowly!!!
P.s the girl that had number 2 was there from 4am and they opened the gates at 2pm !!!!!!!

So we decided to go to eat something -it was a KFC salad for me, i am still on a diet !!!-. Then we headed back to 'The Hub'.
We waited and waited and waited and finally they called numbers from 180 to 190 , so she goes in and guess what?


Basically we waited for no was 7pm and we had been there from 2.30pm!!!! we were so upset but we decided to go on a shopping trip to Westfield where i bought a bunch of things from H&M and a pair of grey Toms !! i'll include the picture in the next post...
Well at least we didn't go home empty handed !

That's it for now

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  1. Wow, they could have atleast told yall that the hair was all gone instead of making yall wait in line for nothing

  2. ohhh noo! this is the thing about these end up waiting for ages...
    facebook 'illusion i-h hair' they have good prices and sometimes deals too