Monday, 21 February 2011

Photography VS Fashion

jacket: Intenacionale
scarf and top : H&M
chino trousers: New Look
bag : Longchamp
shoes: Primark Look magazine
Look Magazine

Look Magazine
Look Magazine
Look magazine
Look Magazine

Look Magazine

Look Magazine

NEW Shoes

Docs (mine are the shiny ones )

Some of the clutches

half term is finally here ! it's weird how i waited for this week for so long and yet woke up at 8am this morning! i guess I'm used to waking up early for college.
my room is exploding with clothes and i think i need to buy a new wardrobe because i literally don't have any space left for my new bargains.
yesterday my sister begged me to go to Westend with her as she wanted to get some high waisted shorts from Beyond Retro and i wanted to get a turban. Although BR had amazing things as usual, we came out both empty handed, which was very disappointing. However, the sadness went on for just 5minutes as we still found things to buy in high street stores. When i came back from shopping my mum said "you need to stop buying clothes and shoes, there's no space in the house !"
i know there is no space, but I'm sorry shopping is a must in my life ! ahah !
PLANS for the week :
2) Overtime at work (more money =more shopping !)
3) Shopping
4) Family time

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