Friday, 18 February 2011

Does weave make you pretty?

Nicki Minaj

Jada Pinkett

Keri Hilson


Jennifer Hudson

Angela Simmons

So, I made a survey about weave the other day on BBM and i sent a broadcast to all my contacts to find out why black girls perm their hair and do weave on. They all agreed on one level and girls said :
"when i perm my hair it is easier to handle"
"my hair is picky and can't do much but get cornrows and cornrows ain't really for me anymore"
"if girls didn't do weave, boys wouldn't look at them at all"
"it makes my hair soft"

while some boys said :

"i supposed it is because they don't think they are pretty with their natural hair"
"i have no clue!"
"hmmm !"
"because they are not confident enough"

as you all possibly know black people's hair is different from Caucasians' hair as it is more frizzy and it does take longer to grow (that is the case if its permed frequently).
So are black people becoming influenced by the Western society's ideology that long hair is one of the main features of beauty ?
I mean is our perception of beauty changing or are we just being influenced by the media and the trends that celebrities are setting?
I personally think that i have been partially influenced by celebrities, i mean, i love Angela Simmons' long hair and i remember that i used to spend time staring at her while watching 'Run's House'. I started using weave at the age of fifteen and i recently spent £145 on Peruvian hair and although, i have been criticised a lot for my choice of spending that amount of money just for weave, I'm happy about my 22inch weave !
I once went to college with no weave and i did not feel pretty at all, i made sure that i wore the biggest hat you will probably see in the whole world and i told everyone not to even try to take it off me.
Does this mean that I'm relying on weave too much?
i don't know but the thought of me not coping without weave makes me feel a bit weird!
Girls! apparently 5 out of 17 boys i asked don't like weave because they say it doesn't look natural but then when you ask them 'who is the most attractive celebrity' they all say Lauren London, Ciara, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian etc ain't they contradicting themselves?
Remember: if weave makes you feel beautiful then go for it! I mean there is nothing better than something that you could easily access to that boosts your confidence and makes you feel a bit like a celebrity!

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  1. Weave is my very best friend.
    I'm the same I feel so naked without weave.