Sunday, 13 February 2011


Buying my own things without asking my mum for some financial help makes me really proud of myself and makes me feel a little independent.
This week is the second week of the month and i am already broke, however, as I'm quite good with saving money i managed to to get few things and all for under £50 !
Most of them were bought in Primark which is always underestimated as the quality of products is not always the best.
let me just tell you guys that Primark has now the same clothes as many high street shops and the prices are getting a bit higher which suggests that the quality is also being improved.
when i tell people that some of my clothes are from Primark they get shocked and normally say: "but where do you find them? because whenever i go to the shop all i see is chavy stuff"
...and my answer is always the same.. "you have to look around the whole store don't just limit yourself to the first section by the entrance, because it is never that flattering"

P.s : Primark has improved but don't buy all your clothes from there as it might become too obvious ...

Blouse : Primark

Over the knee socks : Primark

Espadrilles: Primark

Vintage shorts: New Look

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