Monday, 4 October 2010

Pink lipstick yay or nay?

When Nicky Minaj came about back in 2009 i thought ''Erm lovely make up'' (i was being sarcastic obviously).

I used to dislike with a passion the black barbie look, i just couldn't understand why she would want to cover her face with so much make up, however, her songs were listenable and her rapping is quite good..

One day i was walking around the streets of South London and i noticed lots of girls wearing tight leggings (to show off their bums, yes that's why you get chirpsed, so it better look BIG!) , with weird hairdos etc.

At first i was thinking "they just look like a bad version of Nicki Minaj" but then i saw the lipstick and i thought

"well that's kinda cool !!"

"should I buy it or not?"

So i went around asking my friends for their opinion and yes ! as usual they made me even more confused.

went Superdrugs, Boots,Clinique but still couldn't find the right shade :(

After college me and Ruwaydah (my homie) had nothing to do (to be honest we did have to go to the library for some revision but yeah let's pretend WE HAD NOTHING TO DO!) so we headed to a store in South West London which has a MAC department and Bam! there it was the sexy lipstick that has become essential in my life...
I got it for £12.99, a bit expensive for a lipstick i must say but it looks amazing and smells good too !

TIP:Don't wear too much or you'll look like a Drag Queen !!!


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