Friday, 29 April 2011

The hair issue

Hello there !

as usual i disappeared for a while but this time i have something saucy to tell !

So, -let me start from the beginning-last week Wednesday i decided to get my hair done and go for something different.. as you know i bought Brazilian hair about four months ago and that was 22inches -the money was not a joke !!! but it is worth every penny -
This time, though, i got hooked up with two other packets of brazilian hair(14 inches)- completely FREE!-
because the weather is getting warmer i decided to go for a bob.. so i went to the hairdressers and said to her: "i would like to get a bob" , because she was looking at me in a strange way like she was day dreaming i asked " can you do it ?" and she replied "yess ! no problem" , "are u sure ?" i said ...however, as soon as i took off my headscarf- if you are black you know about the headscarf before going to get your weave done- she touched my hair a bit here and there and said "No, i can't do it sorry !"

-okei, i'm not gonna lie i do have short hair especially at the front because i get my weave in, perm it and then do the weave again, this circle doesn't actually stop but goes around and around, so i don't blame her...but to be honest i was a bit upset especially because they sent me into the waiting room again!-
so, after a good 2 and a half hours i was referred to another hairdresser who said that she was going to do my hair, she asked me what i wanted and started the job quickly !
-this is where everything goes completely WRONG !-

I sat down and while she was braiding my hair, she started talking to me , however, i couldn't understand whatever she was saying because of her strong Jamaican accent so all i was doing was SMILING AND NODDING.

STEP 2: Sewing
she sewed in the weave and glued the top of my head -you guys know that Brazilian hair is expensive and shouldn't be glued, but because she said " i KAAN COVA DA WEAVE" i just agreed and kept quite

STEP3 : The haircut

So this is where the major disaster was made

she took a razor blade and cut the top of my BRAZILIAN HAIR, -let me repeat that- 14 " BRAZILIAN HAIR to 6"
here, i thought she was gonna layer it and then cut it into a bob but NO she left the top of my head at 6 and the rest at 14 - picture that haircut in your head and you would probably want to cry for me-
well, if you are not crying for that yet , now this is how she made it even worse !

She started curling the bottom of my hair and said " this is the Kardashian look" , in my head i was thinking " WTF ! OMG Please tell me that this is just a dream !" so i got brave and told her i didn't want it curly and she straighted it back again...
i really hated the hair as soon as she finished it but at the same time i didn't want to say it because i was scared she was going to punch me or something !
so i kept quiet and left saying that i really loved it !
as soon as i left the Salon, i called my Aunty and was telling her how much i hated it, how flat it was and how horrible i looked, but she said " Linda, you know, us girls whenever we do our hair we never like it straight away" so i went home thinking that it was true and that i was eventually gonna like it.

When i got home, my sister Aleruchi said that it looked nice, so i trusted her and went for a bit of shopping, however i noticed that i was ashamed of my hair and i was trying to hide it in every possible way.

two days after, i asked my friend Tanisha to cut my hair before going to Moonlighting in Soho- that club is another story that i'll tell you about another time-but she said she couldn't make it into a bob because the hair was too thin and the top was too short.. so i just went raving like that :( -great night, though !-

Days went passed and it got to Tuesday which was the first day back at college and that's when i decided that it was time to go back to the hairdressers to get my hair sorted !
After college, i walked into the shop and told the manager- who luckily was in the shop- what happened and how i didn't like the hair, so she said " AHHH! okei i see, this is Brazilian hair as well ! eiii ! take a sit " ( she was Nigerian, so imagine how she said 'AHHH' and that 'eiiii' ).
So, i sat there from 7pm until 9.30 pm which is when the manager's daughter came to take off the top weave and explained to me that the shop has a policy which includes
  • not cutting Brazilian hair
  • not gluing Brazilian hair

When i heard that i went mad!!!

When she finished taking off the top bit, another hairdresser came and said she would have to take off the whole weave because it was all wrong, so by the time she took off everything it was 10pm and said "why don't you come back tomorrow ? it's late, i need to pick up my children" and i said "well, i know it's late but i have been sitting here waiting so i don't see why i should come back tomorrow, plus i have college for the whole day" so she kissed her teeth- yes she did ! how rudeee!- and started doing my hair again...
i finally finished at 10.45 pm and got home after 11.00 pm but i am definitely very happy with the results ! at least now my hair is all one length !

so that was what i went through in the past two weeks !



Keep smiling xx


  1. Jheeze you went through some trauma, I'm the kind of person that just fake smiles and goes I love it, get out ring my friend " I hate it, she frikkin messed my hair up"... Can't believe that woman kissed her teeth at you, rude, but at least she didn't mess up your hair.

    I hate overconfident hairdressers, when you ask them if they can do a particular style they always say no even though they can't or try to push their ideas on to you even though you don't like it, the hairdresser I used before was like next time you come I will do cornrows for you, Willow Smith style, NO THANKS!

    We girls go through a lot...sigh!

  2. Wow. Girl I would have been pissed too. I can't believe she asked you to come back, so rude. I know what its like to have a hair dresser mess your hair up, you just feel like crap...anyways its looking better now.

  3. You suffered woow!
    I know what you mean Yardie hairdressers are tooo scary.
    She KMT'd - so unprofessional, at least your hair is now looking fly.

    Jen x

  4. Love the 'after' hair. How do u tk care of ur Brazillian hair when u have it on. I am really confused on how to go abt it when I have mine on.
    BTW I am Nigerian

  5. Sorry to hear about your hair disaster :(.


  6. I love your blog! You are amazing <3