Sunday, 17 April 2011

snap, click , flash

Hi guys!

I'm sooo excited I've had more than 1000 views and i know it's not a lot but i really appreciate your support !!it makes me feel really special !

I have been revising for almost two weeks and yes it is not over guys cause more will come soon !

I've come off facebook, which is one of my biggest distraction !- fine i've admitted it- but I will be back on it very soon (well end of June )

if you miss me then make sure you'll check out my blog, dolls ! i'll try to update it more frequently !!!
Hope, everything is going well with you guys :)

i've included some random pictures from the past two weeks, which include part of Layla's collection -she's doing my african dress ...remember ?-

have a nice evening guys

keep smiling

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